My primary area of research is in innovation and integration of information technology.  My interest in this area grew from my work in industry.  My undergraduate degree was very technical, and I worked as a software engineer.  However, I found I differed from other engineers in that I tended to look at the bigger picture – specifically as to how technology could improve decision making.  This prompted me to pursue an MBA and later a PhD.  I believe this research area is very important and highly relevant as it offers a rich set of opportunities for cross pollination with other disciplines.

Generally speaking, my research interests are as follows:

  • Business Analytics
    • Decision Support Systems
    • Data warehousing
    • Privacy and Security
  • Supply Chain
    • Analytics
    • Risk
    • Technology
  •  Wireless network optimization
    • Geographic Information Systems

Methodologically, I am trained in and have experience with:

  • Mathematical Programming Methods
    • Optimization
      • Linear Programming
      • Integer Programming
    • Heuristics
      • Genetic Algorithms
      • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Simulation
      • Monte Carlo
      • Discreet Event
    • Statistical Methods
      • Structural Equation Modeling
      • Hierarchical Regression